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Legalization & Authentication

Alpha Legal can also assist you if you need your documents to be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (‘MFA’) in Thailand and to authenticate your documents with any Embassy in Thailand.

As Thailand is not a party to the Apostille Convention (HCCH 1961 Apostille Convention) , therefore, there is no apostille in Thailand. 

For documents issued by the local Thai government (i.e., Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate, etc.) or issued in Thailand to be used abroad, such documents will have to go through the complete legalization process first, which are:

  1. Such document will have to be certify by the relevant government authority or issuing authority
  2. Translate from the official Thai version into English (if required)
  3. Legalize such document with the original copy of the document with translations (if any) at the Thai MFA 
  4. Authenticate the legalized document with the relevant Embassy of the country which the document will be used or filed in.

If you receive instructions for the document to be apostilled, have a quick chat with our lawyers on how you can proceed to certify the document in Thailand. 

If you need more information or have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.