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Notary Public

Most of the documents that will be used abroad would require a Notary Public to confirm or to certify the authenticity of the document, copies of documents or the signatures placed in the documents. 

In Thailand, there is no Notary Public but there is a certifier with a similar function called ‘Notarial Services Attorney’. A Notarial Services Attorney is a licensed attorney-at-law of the Thai Lawyer Council, empowered to conduct notarization of legal documents.

Alpha Legal provides high-quality service for the Notarization of documents by our experienced Notarial Service Attorney, qualified and licensed by the Lawyer Council in Thailand. We provide are happy to provide a free initial assessment of your documentary requirements before notarizing it to ensure that you can use your document in another country or the required authorities. 

Example of a document that a Notarial Service Attorney can notarize:

  • Certify copy of the document, i.e., Passport, Thai Identification card 
  • Proof of Address
  • Certify a copy of legal documents
  • Court document
  • Sworn Statement 
  • Oath notarization
  • Power of Attorney
  • Property documents 
  • All types of Applications 
  • Statement notarization
  • International Agreement 
  • Education Certificate or Diploma


Moreover, if your document comes with instructions for it to be Apostilled, please note that as there is no Apostille in Thailand as Thailand is not a part of the Apostille Convention – Hague Convention (HCCH 1961 Apostille Convention), notarization by a Thai Notarial Services Attorney on the document alone would not be sufficient. Your document would need to complete the steps of legalization and authentication. Please see Legalization & Authentication.

If you would like to ensure whether we can assist you with the notarization of your document, please feel free to contact our Notarial Services Attorney for a free initial consultation so that we may help you to check and advise you on your documents.